Brookhaven Show

The show will be open Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, with a closing reception on Friday, September 22 between  6 and 8 pm.  The show will also be open from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday, September 9, for the Dallas Art Dealers Association 2017 Fall Gallery Walk.  For directions, go to “Directions to the Brookhaven Show” on this website.

  • Citadel at Omalo, 2017, Oil on Linen, 40 x 60.
  • Tower over Ushguli, 2015, Oil on Linen, 30 x 48
  • Villages of Ushguli, 2015, Oil on Linen, 30 x 48
  • May Morning in Ushguli. 2015, Oil on Linen, 30 x 48
  • Flying Spirits Passing Behind an Ushguli Tower, 2016, Oil on Linen, 30 x 48
  • Road to the Sacred Mountain, 2017, Oil on Linen, 40 x 60
  • Early light, Westcliff, 2016, Oil on Linen 30x48
  • Late Afternoon on the Rio Grande, 2015, Oil on Linen, 24 x 36
  • Cliffs and Reeds along the Rio Grande, 2014, Oil on Linen, 20 x 30


  1. Lin,

    I’m so glad I got to see this, even if it is online. I realize the experience is not the same as the real thing, so I hope that next time I will be in town and able to see your work in person!

    See you soon,
    Pat Rosenthal

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  2. Hihi, when I look at Lin’s work I am immediately transported to a dream like state, the landscapes remind me of ancient truths of a fundamental nature. One can imagine soaring like an eagle high over the Sacred mountain and then swooping low over the Rio Grande. The subject matter of the exhibition is well chosen, the geographical and temporal locations are intriguing to say the least, and when coupled with the excellent capture of subject on medium, well, one can only say, take a bow Mr.Medlin.

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  3. Lin Medlin’s paintings of majestic and enigmatic and intriguing landscapes are meditations on color, shape and imagery are sublime to behold.

    Congratulations Lin, on a fabulous show!

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  4. What a beautiful show. To look at these canvases is to enter the land dreaming.

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  5. I loved your work, particularly the color, and the sense of a suspended moment; the intersection between real and otherworldly. It was secretive and powerful. Best wishes….

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