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Citadel at Omalo 40x60 Oil on Linen

Welcome to my painting website.  I recently concluded a show at Brookhaven College in Dallas, which ran from August 21 to September 22, 2017.  The exhibit included 5 views from the Caucasus Mountains in the Republic of Georgia, as well as  views of the Sangro di Christi mountains from Taos, New Mexico and Westcliffe, Colorado, and the Rio Grande River below where the Pecos flows into it.  If you click on “Brookhaven Show” on the menu above, you will be taken to images of the paintings in the show.  I discuss the show at “Statement About the Brookhaven Show.”   Images of the paintings in the show are also found at “New Paintings”  on the menu, along with other recent works not in the show.

From November of 2013 through 2014, I worked on a series of landscapes of the Rio Grande and Pecos Canyons, two of which are in the Brookhaven Show, and the rest of which which are included at “Rio Grande Paintings.”

Twelve of the paintings on the Colorado Trees page were in a show, “Lin Medlin: Landscapes,” which ran from September 14 to October 21, 2013 at the former and much missed Steve Paul Gallery, 2814 Main Street #101, Dallas.  A number of earlier paintings were also in the show.  Some of these, along with many additional works,  can be seen on the Other Paintings page, where you’ll see landscapes from Crete, Cornwall, France, and other locations.

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Lin Medlin