The Bath House Show

It is a great honor for me to show with Mary Vernon and Barnaby Fitzgerald at the Bath House Cultural Center. Enormous care was put into the planning of the show and the precise arrangement of the works, and even that process, working with two such extraordinary individuals, was an enormous pleasure.

Paintings from this show are now in the following collections: Glenna and Peter Hajek (Road to the Sacred Mountain); Ida Jane and Doug Bailey (September Aspens Near Westcliffe); Suzanne Thomas (West Texas Moon at Dawn).

  • The Great Blasket Island 2019 Oil on Linen 30x40
  • The Window at Big Bend 2019 Oil on Linen 40x60
  • September Aspens Near Westcliffe 2019 Oil on Linen 24x36
  • The End of the Lost Mine Trail 2019 Oil on Linen 40x60
  • The Sierra del Carmen seen from Big Bend 2019 Oil on Linen 30x48
  • West Texas Moon at Dawn 2019 Oil on Linen 24x36
  • Road to the Sacred Mountain, 2017, Oil on Linen, 40 x 60
  • Trail to the Three Sisters Oil on Linen 30x48